What is the Problem With a Child Avoiding Naps

Lately, my 3-year-old grandson has been trying everything he can to avoid a nap in the afternoon. So, that led me to ask, what is the problem with a child avoiding naps?

I know that a nap during the day helps with child development. As you have read from some of my articles it is also very important for toddlers to get the correct amount of sleep every day.

However, as he gets older, I am starting to get the feeling that sometimes the effort is not worth the results. Do you feel this way as well?

A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

What is the problem with a child pretending

What is the problem with a child playing

So, they say a picture is worth 1000 words. To clarify, these 2 pictures, to me say more than that. Allow me to describe the entire situation.

My initial goal was to put my grandson down for a nap today. as it turns out, turns out he had another game plan. He started out on the couch and I was going to let him just fall asleep there, as I set down to work. I broke all the rules, by allowing him to watch TV until he fell asleep.

However, he kept getting up and finally I gave up. That leads us to the pictures.

So, this is my grandson, by the way. As he sits here on his tricycle, with a trailer attached to it. He mentions to me that the tricycle is his motorcycle and that he needs to go to work.

He goes on to describe, that the trailer is his work trailer. Therefore, if you look closely, you will find a lawnmower, a weed eater. A leaf blower, and a chainsaw. Moreover, there are some other tools that are in the trailer that he claims he needs to do yard work. Or, do any other work that he needs to do.

In addition, you might notice that on his feet are a pair of rain boots. He told me he was wearing them because they are his motorcycle riding boots. One thing to mention, he started his day in a pair of khaki shorts. but, he changed his shorts to the jean shorts because they’re his riding pants. Now, I must mention that he attempted to pull the jean shorts over his khaki shorts because he needed them to ride.

The basket on the front is his helmet. And, if you will notice, there’s a dog grooming brush on the handlebar on a tricycle. That is to say, those are his motorcycle gloves. Around his neck, he has a key that will start the motorcycle.

Likewise, you may also notice in the picture, there is a blanket that is to cover up his tools when he is finished working. He told me that he covers them so no one will take him. I have no idea where he got that form.

Consequently, I am not trying to bore you with the details. However, I felt like I needed to explain the picture in his words.

What is the Problem With a Child Imagining

Never let a child not stop imagining. Today was a no nap Thursday. And, as I was starting to get frustrated because he wouldn’t lay down. I then realized that by getting frustrated I was missing the most important part of what he was doing. He was simply playing. In his own mind, he was pretending to be someone who maybe he might want to be like one day.

That is to say, he really wasn’t doing any harm. In addition, by him not taking a nap really did me no harm. So, no nap Thursday was really OK, the more I thought about it. Because sometimes naps just get in the way of imagination.

Yes, by not getting a nap today, he will be tired and cranky later this evening. And, yes I will just deal with it. On the other hand, my grandson more than likely will have an early bedtime, hopefully.

But, as I say this, I must say that I have watched him the last couple of days and realized that a child’s imagination is extremely powerful. If we all had the imagination of a child, there’s no telling where or what we could be.

Never let a child stop dreaming, never let a child give up on anything that he is doing, and never try to stop him from doing what he is doing simply for convenience or frustration. Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe in discipline but in this case, I believe that making my grandson take a nap simply because I wanted to do something for myself had been selfish. Personally, I was focused on myself than on his needs and desires.

Pay Attention to the Present

Yesterday, I took the video that you see. This was a video of him jumping on a table pretending to be Spiderman and Hulk. To clarify, he doesn’t really watch superheroes like that on TV or his Kindle. We let him watch YouTube videos and sometimes you’ll see superheroes portrayed there.

The point is, he made this little skit up that by himself. That is to say, as he jumped around on that table, it was just so amusing to watch.

So, if you think about it, you think about it sometimes in life we’re just running too fast. Therefore, we forget to stop and look at what’s going on. Think about it, if my grandson was not here, or if I had been busy working, which I was, and not paying attention to him, I might have missed the whole skit.

Above all, be careful what you’re willing to miss. One of my regrets was sometimes not paying attention, because your children grow up and when they grow up they leave and then you think back about what you missed.

So, always keep in mind, sometimes you just got to let the imagination run wild. Sit back enjoy life with your children. In other words, laugh with your child, cry with your child, and let him have a good life now. Further, you know as well as I do when we get older life gets so much tougher.

It is not About Life

This wasn’t about life or trying to describe a deep feeling, this was simply a no nap Thursday and how it affects me. I am sure you have similar stories.

Keep that in mind the next time your toddler does not wanna nap, maybe just maybe he has enough energy to continue to play. In other words, you know what your child needs. However, I think he knows himself. Therefore if he passes out from playing hard at nap time, then you will know that you were right by trying to get him to nap.

I hope that I have given some insight into the question of what is the problem with a child avoiding naps.

If you have any comments or experiences of your own to share leave your comments below and I will certainly respond. Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed this article

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