What is a Toddler Bed and Why is it Important?

What is a toddler bedSo, your baby is growing up. And, you might be asking what is a toddler bed, and do I need one? It is a kind of easy answer. Or maybe even an obvious answer. However, there may be more to it than a standard definition.

Wikipedia refers to a toddler bed as, ” A toddler bed is a small bed designed for toddlers. A child grows capable of escaping an infant bed around one and a half or two years of age, at which they are often transitioned to a toddler bed.”

That leaves us to the real questions, why is a toddler bed important? Or better yet do you even need one?

Do you need a Toddler Bed?

When my grandson turned about 18 months, my daughter decided it was time to move him into a toddler bed. So, she bought him the airplane toddler bed.

Never mind, that the crib he already had, was a 3 in 1 crib. To clarify, A 3 in 1 crib is designed to be a crib, an infant bed, and a toddler bed all in one. When the bed was set up to be a crib, my grandson was at a higher position in order to make it easier for us to get him in and out of the bed.

As he grew, around the age of 6 months or so, just when he started getting a little mobile, we moved the mattress to the lowest setting so he could not climb out. Consequently, when he turned 18 months we could have taken the front rail off and turned it into a toddler bed.

But, instead, we elected to purchase a new bed. However, we were able to keep the same mattress. So this leaves the question, did my grandson really need the new bed or did my daughter want the new bed?

It comes down to style I guess. My grandson’s nursery was set up as a pooh theme when it was first designed. As he got older we realized he was just not that into pooh as he into was cars and planes.

So, the goal was to not only transition him to a new bed but also transition his nursery into a bedroom.

The Road to Independence

what is a toddler bed - independence

One thing you will notice as your baby grows he will become more and more independent. That is to say, he will start playing with things on his own without your assistance. After all, he has a whole new world to explore. The more mobile he gets the more he can explore.

As a result, he will probably spend more time in his room. Or, he will drag all of his toys into your living room leaving more things for you to pick up every night.

That is to say, most children can not play with just one thing at a time. Everything needs to be brought out before deciding on what to play with.

So needless to say, as he transitions into a toddler so to will his surroundings. This is going to be an exciting time for you and your toddler.

That is when you need to make a decision on which direction you want to go. Don’t’ get me wrong it is not a do-or-die decision but, a decision that will have to be made.

Why is Toddler Bed Important?

what is a toddler bed-
The most important thing to remember is your child’s safety during the transition to a toddler bed or a twin should use choose to go in that direction. Toddler beds are designed to be close to the ground, preventing your child from getting injured if he falls out. Most of them come with rails that will prevent a rollout.

For example, when we first put Mason in his airplane toddler bed he rolled out onto the floor for the first couple of nights. That is to say until we could get the rails in place.

This really put a spin on our sleep training efforts. As a result, he had a hard time wanting to sleep in his new bed.

Above all, if you choose to forego the toddler bed option and move your toddler straight into a twin bed it is recommended that you place the mattress on the floor for a while. This will prevent injuries from a rollout.

Sometimes it is necessary to take into consideration whether your child is potty trained or not when making a decision to move into a toddler bed. Simply because of space.

Nowadays, most cribs have a changing table attached. However, if this is your case then you need to consider the extra space that a changing table takes up.

I remember trying to convert a dresser to a changing table during my grandson’s transition to a toddler bed. The dresser was much taller than the changing table we were using.

We didn’t think much of it at first. However, with a squirming 2-year old it was extremely difficult to change him on the dresser. To clarify, we ended up changing him on the floor. That was a very uncomfortable mistake.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, this not really a tough decision to make. The most important thing is the safety of your child and the convenience of your life. You and your family are the only one to make this decision on whether your transition to a toddler bed or to a twin bed.

Truth is, you will find that it mostly comes down to cost. That is to say, a toddler bed can cost as much as $400 for a fancy theme style bed. Or, you can choose the lesser option of a twin bed which will cost around $200.

Personally, even though we started with a toddler bed, I would have rather started my grandson in a twin bed. The room design can be centered around rugs and bedding. Therefore, the theme can be easily changed as he gets older.

I hope that I have given some insight into the question of what is a toddler bed and more importantly, do you really need one. If you have any comments or experiences of your own to share leave your comments below and I will certainly respond. Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed this article

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