Best Portable Toddler Beds in 2021

Traveling with kids can be quite challenging; a lot needs to be taken care of, especially their sleep quality and schedule. Kids find it difficult to adapt to a new environment. Time zone change has the worst effects on their routine! Here are the best portable toddler beds to help with your travel.

And it’s not just about the child getting proper sleep. Parents tend to be affected too if their kid doesn’t sleep well and remains restless.

A satisfying sleep solution can make all the worries go away, and the kid, as well as the parents, get a good snooze.

Portable toddler beds are suitable for children that offer mobility and ease of usage outdoors or indoors. It’s a convenient solution for parents who love to travel with their children.

When it comes to choosing, there are plenty of options on the market, as there are many types of portabletoddlerbeds. We’ve made a list of all the top best toddler beds to buy in 2021; check them out!

10 Best Portable Toddler Beds

1. Hiccapop Inflatable Travel Toddler Bed

Best Portable Toddler Beds

This is an incredibly safe, inflatable travel bed with a convenient blow-up mattress for toddlers. This item comes in such beautiful and modern designs of an inflatable toddler bed that is transportable, made of premium quality, and lightweight.

The portable toddler bed can inflate within 30 seconds and matches will almost all standard crib blankets and covers.

It can roll, fold, and be used for sleepovers, camping, and more. It makes deflation and inflation fast with the leak-proof air valve and turbopump. Moreover, the Hiccapop inflatable toddler bed comes with a long and tall safety guarantee standard that will keep your child safe.

Key Features

  • Anytime Toddler Bed: The Hiccapop Inflatable toddler bed is perfect for any occasion. It is portable, lightweight, and great for vacations, camping, or when you have to go to Grandma’s.

  • 4-Bumper Protection: Hiccapop’s inlay-enforced vinyl is thicker than its closest competitor, making it puncture-proof.

  • Added Safety: This portable toddler bed has sides that are 25% longer and 25% taller than the nearest competitor. Moreover, it is phthalate, lead, and BPA-free.

  • Lightweight, high-quality, and moveable
  • Offers an excellent modern design
  • One of the best portable toddler beds
  • It can inflate within 30 seconds
  • The mattress easily leaks
  • Expensive

2. EnterPlex Kids Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

Best Portable Toddler Beds

The EnterPlex Kids inflatable toddler bed is a soft and plush solution for traveling nights.

It is constructed from superior-quality PVC and designed with your toddlers in mind. A soft flocking is present on the inner bed for added comfort while sleeping. Also, EnterPlex’s Never-Leak technology with puncture-resistant vinyl makes this mattress ready to stand up to any kind of wear and tear.

What makes this toddler bed so comfortable and easy to use is its two-piece construction and built-in bumpers. The easily removable inner bed offers simple access for adding a sheet or blanket underneath.

It is the best nap solution for every toddler.

Key Features

  • A Toddler Bed on the go: EnterPlex’s kids’ airbed is a portable travel companion. Use the lightweight blow-up toddler mattress for traveling or visits to other houses.

  • Quick Inflation: It takes 30 seconds to inflate this toddler bed. Also, there is a 120V pump that supports fast inflation.

  • Leak-free & Puncture Proof: EnterPlex combines puncture-resistant, durable PVC with reinforced welded seams and a never-leaking technology.


  • A crib-bed design
  • Best travel companion
  • Durable materials
  • Quick inflation
  • It leaks a lot


3. Stable Store Kids Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

Best Portable Toddler Beds

Stable Kids travel bed is a toddler-inspired sleeping castle. The cozy atmosphere and colorful designs are inviting for little humans!

One significant perk of this bed is that it contains safety bumpers on all sides. Besides that, it is also manufactured from friendly material.

This Best Portable Toddler Beds is inflatable, but it will never appear that way to your kid. Sometimes children want what their parents have, and if daddy and mommy are not sleeping on an air mattress, the kids don’t want to either.

Thankfully, it is easy to inflate this mattress with the provided air pump. A feature that sets this Best Portable Toddler Beds apart from others is its reinforced weld-seams and a 0.4mm thick PVC material.

Quick Features

  • Fantastic Quality & Leak-Proof: The Stable Kid air mattress with a 2-in-2 leak-proof system and reinforced weld-seams tightly lock air into the bed and offer all-night firmness. Also, 0.4mm thick PVC material prevents unwanted holes and punctures.

  • An On-the-go Toddler Bed: The adorable bear toddler air mattress is a must-buy sanctuary for 2-6-year-olds. It is suitable for camping, sleepovers, weekends at Grandma’s, and vacations.

  • 4-Sided Bumpers: The 4-inch safety bumpers on all sides of the air mattress keep your baby in bed, protecting them from rolling and falling onto hardwood floors.


  • 2-in-1 leak-proof valve
  • Inflates within seconds
  • Safety bumpers
  • Hassle-free deflation and inflation
  • Unusable fitted sheets


4. Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed

Best Portable Toddler Beds

The My Cot portable toddler bed from Regalo is made to last for years. It completes this goal because it is made of steel that can easily endure what your munchkin throws at it.

The canvas material is pretty sturdy as well, with reinforced stitching to improve safety. On the contrary, the material may piss some kids off, but a fitted cotton sheet helps smooth things.

This bed was created for parents looking for an easy and quick option. What’s more? It is quick to set up. This Best Portable Toddler Beds cot elevated position also makes it a safe choice because the sleeping part does not touch the floor.

In terms of portability, this bed is approximately 4 pounds, so it shouldn’t be difficult to carry it around. There is a carrying case included in the package as well.

Everyone knows children can be very sneaky. And that means they can tip-toe to the kitchen, sneak out their favorite sippy cup and bring it to bed only to spill it! What happens next? Yup, they don’t like their bed wet, so you must wake up to help them! Thankfully, this toddler bed liner can be easily cleaned with some soap and a damp cloth.

Key Features

  • Convenient: No set up is needed! This cot offers a simple fold-and-go system for quick and easy use.

  • Comfortable: There is a full canvas sleeping area with a fitted sheet for extra comfort.

  • Durable: It is made with an all-steel structure that is lightweight and will carry up to 75 pounds.


  • It does not require inflation
  • Lightweight
  • It incorporates a weight limit up to 75 pounds
  • Uncomfortable bed


5. Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed – Pink

Best Portable Toddler Beds

The Regalo My Cot is a versatile and affordable option for a nap or reading time and offers a durable steel frame with a rugged and attractive canvas.

It sets up instantly, and when you are ready to put it away, it folds down in a snap. Its set up is similar to an outdoor chair.

Without a doubt, this toddler bed was designed to offer immediate benefits to parents who are always traveling. Thanks to its elevated position, parents can bring the cot outside, plus the sleeping area is not that close to the ground.

Furthermore, the cots’ somewhat curved shape makes it a comfortable choice for toddlers, preventing them from falling over.

Besides being such a fascinating and decent choice, some parents have complained that the cot is not very comfortable. It is not cushioned enough, which isn’t surprising at all because, well, it is a cot.

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Key Features

  • Travel Use: The Regalo Cot is lightweight and makes a perfect traveling companion. It is excellent for pre-school, naptime, vacations, playtime, sleepovers, etc.

  • Durability: Thanks to an all-steel frame, it is easy to carry or transport this toddler bed from one place to another.

  • Easy to Use: This toddler cot does not require setting up! It offers a fold-and-go system, which is much better than the entire set-up process.


  • A budget-friendly pick
  • Available in four colors
  • Lightweight
  • Not the best in terms of comfort


6. The Shrunks Toddler Bed

Portable Toddler Beds

You’ll be surprised to know that the Shrunks Inflatable toddler bed was made to ensure your child is safe and comfortable. But how does it do that?

Some Best Portable Toddler Beds love to get tucked into bed every night and demand the added security of snuggling between blankets and sheets. Luckily, this portable travel bed offers standard crib blankets and sheets to tuck your little one in bed. This feature provides your child with peace of mind that he/she can sleep safely.

Other than that, you do not have to sacrifice pounds for comfort because this bed is both lightweight and comfortable. It quickly inflates and can be folded for storage and traveling.

This Best Portable Toddler Beds also comes with safety bumpers on each side. Therefore, if you have a child that loves to hustle in bed, the guard rail structure will prevent your child from rolling and falling from the mattress.

In conclusion, we love this toddler bed, and your child will love it too!

Key Features

  • No more Sneaky Noises: Thanks to the materials used in creating this toddler bed, squeaking is now eliminated! The Shrunks bed is the perfect fit and size. The air is adjustable for setting up a comfort level for your child.

  • Comfortable & Airtight: The Shrunks signature sheet-tuck option fits all standard cribs. Also, this is an award-winning item that can offer your child a lot of comforts.

  • Tuck Feature & Guard Rails: Toddlers feel cozy, secure, and best at home, all thanks to this portable bed’s unique design. The trademarked security rails prevent your child from falling.


  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • A 150-pound weight limit
  • Made with the safest quality materials
  • The toddler bed comes with a powerful electric pump
  • It takes a lot of time to pump


7. ELTOW Inflatable Toddler Air Mattress

Portable Toddler Beds

The ELTOW Inflatable toddler air mattress offers you a chance to keep your little one safe and be able to sleep safe and sound, despite their location!

Indeed, it is the coziest solution for sleepovers, visits, camping, hotels, or traveling. It can also be used as a standard bed when your baby transits from the crib. Moreover, we believe that this toddler bed was designed to keep your child comfy and safe.

The craftsmanship of this Best Portable Toddler Beds can be seen from a glance. It has a puncture-resistant, high-end vinyl layer for added protection. It ensures life long usage as well.

There is a silky, velvet layer that is soft and smooth. It enables superior sleep comfort for toddlers.

When it comes to guarding your child at night, the Eltow mattress comes with high-quality safety barriers. With this addition, parents can sleep with full peace of mind that their children are safe and the safety bumpers are preventing them from tumbling over.

Lastly, this air mattress comes with a heavy-duty and non-slip handle that adds extra durability to its overall usage. Also, the high-tech anti-leak valve keeps the bed full with no leaking errors.

Key Features

  • Heavy-Duty Construction: The ELTOW air mattress for toddlers contains a multilayered construction for higher durability and resilience. With a puncture-resistant, thick Vinyl layer, this toddler bed offers protection against accidental holes.

  • Comfortable Sleep: This inflatable toddler travel bed is made to offer a comfortable sleeping experience to your kids, regardless of where they are. With a portable, travel-sized bed, it is ideal for camping and traveling.

  • Unmatched Practicality: It is equipped with a removable mattress that also lets you tuck in neat sheets. In addition to this, there is a leak-proof valve that prevents deflation and a durable grab handle for effortless repositioning.

  • A Travel Set: The set includes 2x quick-fix patches, a high-speed pump, and a travel bag for convenient carrying.


  • Super-easy to set up
  • Safety bumpers
  • A smooth velvet layer for added comfort
  • Comes with a traveling bag
  • Large in size
  • A bit hefty on the price


8. Sleepah Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

Portable Toddler Beds

Parents made the Sleepah travel toddler bed for kids! It has everything your child could ever need for sleeping. The best part, everything conveniently fits inside the travel bag, which is a vital accessory for when you have to travel.

The inflatable toddler bed is made of two parts. Both can be inflated within seconds. The exterior will act as a protective base to prevent the children from rolling over. The other part is the mattress itself. It features reinforced vinyl to carry up to 300lbs, and an airtight valve is used for trapping the air.

One exciting and praiseworthy thing about this Best Portable Toddler Beds is that it comes with an electric pump. The pump contains several head sizes. It will allow you to deflate or inflate the mattress in seconds.

Key Features

  • All-in-one Set: This portable bed set comes with everything you need to have a great night at grandma’s or spend the weekends camping. It includes an electric pump, a pillow, a stuffed animal, and a carrying case.

  • Effortless Set-Up: The entire package inflates within a minute. This travel toddler bed can easily be deflated to use for another time.

  • Safety: The Sleepah travel toddler bed was made with your little one’s comfort and safety in mind. The bumpers are 25% high and offer surety that your kids will stay inside the bed at all times.


  • Excellent quality construction
  • Comfortable and soft mattress
  • Easy to set up
  • Any kind of jumping will limit the mattress’s life


9. Graco Pack and Play Portable Playard

Garco-Pack Portable Toddler

Make sure your precious baby is comfortable no matter where you go with the Graco Pack’ n Play travel-sized playard bed!

It is the best choice for travel with foldable wheels and feet, allowing a 20% extra fold, plus a sturdy and durable frame that can carry up to lots while you go.

The playpen’s signature push-button fold lets you break the bed down instantly, and it fits effortlessly into a convenient travel bag for no-fuss storage or travel. Therefore, regardless of where you are, your baby will be kept cozy and comfy.

Key Features

  • Automatic Wheels & Feet: The automatically folding wheels and feet allow for a compact and effortless fold for easy transportation and storage.

  • Sturdy Frame: With a tough and durable frame, it is safe and reliable to use this bed for traveling.

  • Pack’ n Play Button: Graco’s signature Pack ‘n Play push-button makes opening and closing your play-yard hassle-free and quick.

  • Ventilated: The travel bed is airy mesh on every side for offering maximum ventilation.


  • Impressive quality
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Safe to use
  • Not suitable for kids over 5


10. Lunvon Portable Toddler Bed

Lunvon Bumpers Portable Toddler

If keeping your child comfortable and safe is your top priority, the Lunvon toddler air mattress can get the job done!

It is one of the sturdiest mattresses available out there! It offers a guarantee against leaks and pops and has rails on each side, ensuring that your child will not fall out of place while sleeping.

Everything about this Best Portable Toddler Beds is worth the discussion. It is appropriate to carry because it comes with a carrying bag. Parents can easily fold the Lunvon inflatable mattress and take it anywhere when deflated. Also, it is lightweight and has a specially designed pouch for you to put the bed in!

Furthermore, this toddler bed is the perfect choice for traveling with kids, going camping, staying at grandparents’ house, or going far. No matter what, it will provide you and your kid ultimate comfort and convenience.

Quick Features

  • Easy Carry & Inflation: This portable air mattress comes with a carrying bag and a hand pump, which means you can easily use it at home or take it outside.

  • Safe Design for Kids: Lunvon travel toddler bed offers safety in the form of an inflatable mattress. The there side bumpers are designed with accuracy to prevent your kid from falling.

  • Durable & High-Quality: Without a doubt, this is a thick air mattress. The thickness ensures that the bed will stay inflated for a long time. The seams are reinforced, and the valves offer durability as well.


  • Excellent choice for travelling
  • High-quality construction
  • Easy to set up
  • Smooth mattress
  • A little expensive


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How can I reassure myself that my child is ready for a toddler bed?

If your kid is three years old, a suitable option is to give toddler beds a go! If your child settles with it, you know what to do. If the situation goes otherwise, don’t buy one. Moreover, if you still want to give it a try, ask a family member or a friend who has a toddler bed, borrow it for a few days and see if it works.

What is the ideal size of a toddler bed?

Now your baby is starting to shake off their features, you will want to make sure the toddler bed you buy is the right size. Toddler beds are typically 145cm in length and 77cm wide. In imperial measurements, this is approximately equal to 51-inches long and 31-inches long.

What are toddler beds made from?

Toddler beds are available in a diverse mix of finishes, features, and designs – some are made of wood, metal, and even plastic, which offers more creativity. Besides that, all of them are easy to maintain.

How can I stop my toddler from jumping out of bed at night?

The one simple and correct answer to this is you can’t! They will enjoy the new ability to jump in and out of bed, and you can’t really do anything about it. Some parents prefer a safety gate on their bedroom doors for peace of mind, knowing their toddlers cannot be in danger or near the stairs at night.

How much high off-ground are toddler beds?

Most toddler beds sit 21cm above ground, but after adding a 10cm mattress, the height increases to 31cm above the ground. In that case, guard rails are useful.


Portabletoddlerbeds provide a comfortable sleeper for children whose sleep may be affected due to traveling. Parents can have any of the baby beds listed above to offer their toddlers superior comfort while sleeping or playing.

We have given here a comprehensive list of recommendations for parents searching for excellent-quality portable toddler beds for kids in 2021. You can find several types of mattresses with different features and functions. Make your choice per your kid’s needs because he should sleep well wherever he is!

Thank you for reading and I hope I was able to leave something for you. If you have any experience that would like to share or want to leave a comment or a question.

Leave them below and I will certainly get back in a timely manner.

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