Step2 Hot Wheels Bed Review

Baby Toddler Bed Review-Step2 Hot Wheels toddler bed

Product: Step2 Hot Wheels Toddler to Twin Bed

Price: $399.99 Free shipping

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Age: 3 – 10 years old

Model Number: 854600

Color: Red Or Blue

Step2 Hot Wheels™

Toddler-to-Twin Bed, Product Review

This baby toddler bed review encompasses the Step2 Hot Wheels bed. Which offers a fun, stylish, and sporty way to outfit your little one’s bedroom. Your little racer can now dream at high speed.

I am fond of this bed mainly because it easily converts from a toddler to a twin bed. This car bed will make the toddler transition from a crib easy and fun. Moreover, it grows with your child as it transforms into a twin bed.

Some key features include:

  • Low front for getting in and out easily
  • Tap-on battery-operated headlights that require 4 AAA batteries(2 in each headlight) They automatically turn off after a couple of minutes
  • Racecar rims
  • Molded-in race car track runs on each side of the bed. And, you can extra Hot Wheels™ tracks (that are sold separately) for a longer race
  • Hot Wheels™ Styling and flame graphics
  • “Air intakes” on each side of the bed provide a flat surface for extra bedside storage
  • Showcase Hot Wheels™ collections on the spoiler

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Although you have to provide the crib/toddler mattress or the twin mattress, the cost of this bed pays for itself over time. Because it is made with durable plastic it will last for years.

One thing to note, when using the Hot Wheels bed with a crib/toddler mattress for a toddler it is recommended by Step2 that the mattress not be over 4 inches high.

Further, if the crib/toddler mattress is higher than 4 inches a portion of the mattress sits above the wall. This could result in your toddler rolling off the mattress and into the space between the high wall and mattress.

Therefore, causing your child to become uncomfortable while sleeping.

Assembly time is a little over 2 hours if you use a power drill for the screws. One thing to note, the package weighs in at almost 90 pounds. However, It is possible to assemble with one person. Although, you might need help to get it in the door.

As I was reading other baby toddler bed reviews, I found that there is an area under the mattress that can be used as storage, or even better it can double as a ball pit. That just took the fun to another level.

This bed is made in the USA with US and imported parts.

I feel like this is a perfect bed for any toddler that loves cars. What is not to love about this durable bed that has some many features for kids to enjoy. In Step2 fashion, this is a home run that every mini car enthusiast will love for many years.

Baby Toddler Bed Review- Step2 Hot Wheels Toddler to Twin Race Car Bed

I hope you have enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the Step2 Hot Wheels™ Toddler-to-Twin race car bed, or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment.

Step2 Hot Wheels™ Toddler-to-Twin race car bed

Step2 Hot Wheels Bed



Product Support


Ages 3 - 10


Overall Quality



  • Converts from Toddler to Twin Bed
  • Grows with Child
  • Showcases cars
  • built in racetrack
  • Built in lights automatically turn off


  • Needs batteries that are not included
  • WIth Toddler mattress child could roll off mattress


  1. The bed looks comfortable for toddlers. Unfortunately I havent been bless with a boy yet, so I cant buy it but I will recommend it to one of my friends. My daughter already has a bed and lol shes into girly stuff. Doenst really like cars.

    The review was informative and well structured. Thanks.

    • Thank you I am currently looking for a “girly bed” to review I haven’t found one as neat as the car yet. Step2 doesn’t make a bed for girls that appears to hold up as well as the race car bed. By all means please share the post with your friends Thank you

  2. Hi there,

    Thank you for this in-depth review of the toddler bed. My kids are already teenagers, so it won’t be for them:) But my sister has a baby boy and she is looking for a cute bed that could serve her for several years. I am pretty sure she will love it. I will share this review with her so she can check it out. Just a question, please. Maybe I didn’t understand well, but how do you convert the one bed into a twin bed? I didn’t see any explanation on this subject. 

    Thank you!

    • I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. The crib mattress fits into a slot so the mattress doesn’t move. The downside is a child can roll off of mattress on to hard plastic of bed. I hope that clarifies things a bit. Thank you for sharing this with your sister. I hope she enjoys it. If you have any further questions or comments feel free to leave them here. 

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