About Me

Hi everyone and welcome to my website, Help Your Baby Fall Asleep. Helping a baby sleep may not necessarily be a passion of mine. However, it has become a necessity for me.

Please allow me to explain. I happen to have a 3-year-old grandson that lives with me. I have helped raise him his entire life so far.

Pop-Pop Can I Sleep In Your Bed?

OK, I will have to admit that I have made the mistake of letting him sleep with me in my bed. Don’t’ get me wrong I am not complaining. However, I have realized, after some research that allowing him to sleep in my bed may be causing other issues. Not to mention, my lack of sleep. Therefore, some products and techniques that I have tried have helped my lack of sleep. In addition, my grandson’s sleep.

Now I would like to help others by sharing my research, in hopes of helping your sanity and relief.

Rise and Shine

Likewise, another issue that I have had to deal with is, early morning rising. I had to teach my grandson that he could not get about of bed in the mornings until God turned on the light. Even though he is probably getting enough sleep every night, I wasn’t. This technique worked for a while.

Time For Bed

Bedtime has been a huge trial of my patience. That is to say, I have spent countless hours trying to get my grandson to sleep at night For some reason he decided that I needed to be with him to fall asleep. Not sure how that started. However, I did not give in. I did end up agreeing to sit outside his door until he fell asleep. Yes, this was an argument between a grown man and a toddler. I am pretty sure I lost. But, the jury is still out. Most importantly, this not a productive use of time. However, it did stop the crying, and eventually, he would fall asleep.

So as you can see, if you are having trouble at bedtime with your child, I can assure you are not alone. But with the correct technique and a lot of patience, you and your child will sleep peacefully.

If you ever need a hand or have questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



Founder of Help Your Baby Fall Asleep