6 Benefits of Grandparents Raising Grand Kids

Sometimes, we are put in situations that we did not necessarily see coming.

Benefits of Grandparents Raising Grand Kids-Grandparent and grandchild

Case in point, raising your children’s child. However, there are special benefits of grandparents raising grandkids.

Some of which I did not realize until I found myself in this situation. As your children were growing up, I’ll bet the last thing you thought would happen is that you would be raising your grandkids.

Although, my grandson, who is 3 years old consumes me sometimes. I really would not change anything right now. I have discovered some added benefits to being a grandparent who is raising his grandson.

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Sense of Purpose

We all get to a point where the kids grow up and go off to college. Consequently, they fall in love and get married. They have a couple of children.

Meanwhile, you and your spouse start traveling around to places that you always dreamed of going. With any luck, you might get to spend a couple of weeks with the grandkids though out the year.

Life is good. Sounds like a perfect movie plot to me. However, it does not always turn out that way. That is to say, your kids in a lot of cases realize that it is tough being an adult. So, they ask if they can move back home.

For example, maybe they need to save a little money to buy a house. No matter the reason, they move back in. Now you have a house full. You start cooking more. And you are very active in helping to raise your grandkids.

On the other hand, the above example may not be the case. What if your child ends up as a single parent? They move in with you and now you are granddad and dad.

Either case you suddenly have a whole new outlook in life. You not only have a reason but an obligation to wake up in the mornings. Above all, I am sure that I share this sentiment with most grandparents that help raise their grandkids, The best thing in life is to hear I love you first thing in the morning, from your grandkids.

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It Takes a Village

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. Nothing can be closer to the truth. I have seen this firsthand. Allow me to explain. My daughter is a single mom that works nights. So, she and her son live with me and I help raise my grandson.

To clarify, the additional benefits of grandparents raising grandkids is stability and safety. For just a moment, think about how hard it is to raise a child in today’s environment.

The cost of housing, the cost of food, the cost of daycare, not to mention Diapers and formula, just these items alone could be too much to bear for your children.

I do not need to go into too much detail here. However, we all know that sometimes affordable housing isn’t the safest place to raise children.

Therefore, you more than likely can provide greater stability and safety to your grandkids by providing a place they can call home.

Most importantly, studies have shown that children are more productive in school and live a happier life when offered stability and safety in their homes.

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You become a Social Butterfly

When you raise your grandkids, you become a social butterfly. That is to say, as you walk with your grandkids, or take them to the park, you will meet more and more people.

I have noticed that I am more engaged in my community as my grandson grows up. Likewise, I have become an authoritative figure. To clarify, younger parents are always asking for advice.

After all, you are an expert because you have already raised children at least once before.

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Opportunity to Parent for a Second Time

Benefits of Grandparents Raising Grand Kids-Grandmother and Grandchild

I am not sure some people would agree with this benefit. For myself, I have always loved raising my children now I am blessed with the opportunity to help raise another child.

To clarify, to some a blessing, to others a curse. If raising kids are not your forte and you have been placed in a position to raise your grandkids.

My recommendation is to relax and enjoy this opportunity. Therefore, forget the past and embrace your current situation.

Financial Benefits

According to Wikipedia, Kinship care is a term used in the United States and Great Britain for the raising of children by grandparents, other extended family members, and adults with whom they have a close family-like relationship such as godparents and close family friends because biological parents are unable to do so for whatever reason.

As a result, becoming a verified kinship parent could result in eligibility for the Permanency Care Assistance Program. This program gives financial support to kinship caregivers.

Depending on your income level, another financial benefit is the TANF program. To clarify, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF )is a state-regulated government program that give financial assistance to very low-income families.

The opportunity to work from home exists when you are raising grandkids. There are several great programs that you can take advantage of that will help bring in extra income to offset the extra cost of raising your grandkids.

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Health Benefits

Studies have shown there are multiple health benefits of grandparents raising grandkids. Firstly, raising your grandkids has been proven to stave depression.

In other words, as we get older and the kids move out there tends to be a sense of depression that sets in. You may no longer feel like you have a sense of purpose. However, if you are raising your grandkids you now have a reason to live.

Moreover, another health benefit that studies have shown is mental sharpness. Keeping up with your grandkids will sharpen your mental skills.

Your mind is a learning machine that is always adapting to its environment. That is to say, your mind is always a work in progress. Mental stimulation and exercise help the brain get stronger and faster.

The fact that you will now be helping with homework, school functions, after school activities, and other social functions you will feel younger, Don’t get me wrong, everything will still hurt when you wake up in the morning. However, you will find that you have more energy during the day.

And Possible Others

As you can see there are many hidden benefits of grandparents raising grandkids. I am sure there are others. When I first started raising my grandson, I soon realized that I was not alone.

In other words, many grandparents and other family members are raising other parents’ children. Whatever the reason, you are providing a safe and loving environment for the child you are helping to raise.


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